About Us

Who we are

Terminales Multipropósito de Guinea Ecuatorial (TMGE)
started its way in 2014 as a result of a technical integration between two companies with a long haul and great experience in the port sector of Equatorial Guinea, Mac Guinea and Besora. TMGE grows due to the need of alignment of the stevedoring companies with the plans, strategies and investments done by the Equatorial government in the port area. It makes necessary the specialization, qualification and modernization the services offered so far. TMGE works in the main ports of Equatorial Guinea.

Our Eq. Guinea Market Share


Roll On Roll Off50%

General Cargo35%

Regular Lines70%

Tramp Vessels40%

Our Targets

A sust. productivity higher than:
– 17 Containers hour/hand
– 700Tn of commodities hour/hand

High Productivity, reduction of:
– Incidencies
– Claims
– Errors

Competitives Terminal Rates

Optimization of the allowed Schedule:
– In Malabo 24/7.
– In Bata from 07:00h to 24:00h

Our Services

servicios1TMGE is a stevedoring company with capabilities to work any type of vessel and discharge any type of cargo. We have latest machinery to unload the vessels. We have an integrated management system that allows us transmit the information in real time to the customer. And the most important fact, we have a highly qualified and prepared human capital to work in stevedoring labors.

Nowadays we are working container vessels, roro vessels and general cargo vessels in the ports of Malabo and Bata, obtaining performance higher to the area average performance.

The main goals for TMGE are provide our customer competitive rates, high performances and 0 incidents, definitely, maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Offices

TMGE has its own offices in Malabo and in Bata.
In the offices are working the administrative workers and the managers.

Surface (m2)
BATA 115

Storage Areas

TMGE has its own storage areas in Malabo and in Bata.
Both areas has special un-stuffing and delivery areas.
Moreover, in the areas TMGE has the right machinery to carry out all type of handlings.

Surface (m2) Capacity (TEUs)
MALABO 25.000 2.500
BATA 25.000 2.500

Our Workshops

TMGE has its own workshops in Malabo and in Bata.
Both workshops are endowed with all technologies and tools requested
to carry out the maintenance and reparation of our machinery.

Surface (m2)
MALABO 1.300
BATA 1.300

Our Managing Staff


Jesús Hernández
General Manager
Luís Vieites
Malabo Manager
José Becerra
Technical Director
Víctor Solé Martín
Bata Manager

Our Clients